The new website of PERFECT advertising is now a fact and we welcome you with pleasure.

            After a long time use of our old site, we felt that it is time to change, creating a new website, since our old website was considered obsolete.

            The decision of this change was taken a long time ago, but because of the increased workload, of the daily duties, the workflow and the bad circumstances in our economy, the project ran very slowly, despite the best and sometimes heroic efforts of our employees.

            But all these are now past, because today we have uploaded our new website. (finally !!! we say... And an alleviating "Whew" sounds). However not complacent and we are constantly awake, after the website is just launched and therefore is being tested, trying to discover any shortcomings, errors, omissions or failures. For this reason, we ask for your understanding and we kindly ask for your help by informing us immediately if you notice an error, failure or malfunction. We ask you to participate, because your help is a very important factor for the development of this website.

            At this point, we would like to inform you that in the new website there are only the products that existed in the old website. In daily basis, we will add new products and services, from the huge variety that we really have. Therefore, if you don't find the product or service you are interested, please contact us to serve you. It is almost sure that we have what you want... we just haven't uploaded yet !!

            Finally, we want to thank everyone who helped in this project and we also want to thank all of you, who trust us and support us every day, giving us strength and courage to continue. We, from our side, we will do whatever is humanly possible to implement your requirements and we will continue to serve you with the same passion and excitement. We promise that we will continue to strive undaunted despite the bad circumstances prevailing.

With compliments,

The team of PERFECT advertising

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