Sweatshirts with logo are a typical phenomenon that works brilliantly in recent years. It meets the expectations of all, as it is something functional and useful, especially against the cold weather of winter.

            As long as the entrepreneurship exists, that long will exist the need for publicity and continuous presence in the market. Print on sweatshirts covers this need, and also many others because it is a multifunctional product.

            Whoever selects the custom printed sweatshirt can manage it in various ways. Besides of offering it to potential customers, as a beautiful and utilitarian gift, it can be provided to its employees, in order to be all dressed similarly. This makes sweatshirts with logo to be a promotion method, that pleases those who will prefer them, but also those who will accept them. So, with only one object, everybody is pleased, as well as the trader has achieved the desired result. That is, the details and information of his company, to be everywhere.

            Besides, at the end, that’s exactly the point. After the conclusion, they all do it for the awareness and impression of their activity, in the minds of as many as possible. But the print on sweatshirts has managed to combine the business with pleasure.

            In Perfect Advertising, we have always been supporters of the idea, that custom printed sweatshirt is among the best and most effective representatives of corporate advertising and exactly that we advise our customers to do.

            Perfect Advertising... with reliability and respect to every businessman...





  • Mens(Unisex) colour sweatshirt.

  • Brand: KEYA.

  • Fabric weight: 280 gr/m2.

  • Fabric composition: 50% cotton - 50% Polyester.

  • Maximum printing dimensions: 10cm x 10cm for the front side & 28cm x 18cm for the back side (With different cost than the pricelist's, it is possible to print bigger dimensions, different parts of the garment or more colors. Please tell us about your printing needs, so as to give you a new offer).

  • You can order different colors of sweatshirts, without changing the price, as long as the design and colors of the printing remain the same.

  • The pricelist mentions prices that include printing with the silkscreen printing method. With different prices than the pricelist, printing can be customized according to your needs, such as digital printing, transfer printing, embroidery etc.

  • Available sizes: Small (S) - Medium (M) - Large (L) - Extra Large (XL) - 2 Extra Large (XXL).

  • Dimensions table: 


  • The creation of the graphic design that it will be printed is free of charge.

  • The pricelist doesn't include transportation expenses and any other additional costs, such as customs clearance expenses, VAT etc. (EXW Thessaloniki).

  • If you don't cooperate with a transportation company, we can inform you about the transportation costs from the company that we cooperate with. In that case, please inform us about the exact address of delivery.

  • No setup charges or hidden fees.

  • Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces.

  • Production time: 8 working days.

  • For different quantities than the pricelist's, the prices are different. Please contact us to give you a quotation. 

  • You can order different colors of sweatshirts, without changing the price, as long as the design and colors of the printing remain the same.

  • The printings that are mentioned in the pricelist are indicative. Printing can be customized to your own needs, with different number of colors, different printing points, and different printing dimensions. Please contact us to give you an offer, depending on your demand.

  • The prices of the pricelist are valid until the product is out of stock. Please contact us to inform you about the availability of the product you are interested.

  • More information in the menu "cooperation terms".

  • custom-printed-sweatshirt

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