Personalized drink coasters are a great way to promote a company and contribute significantly to the improvement of its image. At the same time it is important to note that this product is a very economical promotional tool.

Custom coasters printed with your logo and/or your advertising message impresses the client while they are contributing to complete the profile of your company and also promotes directly and with durability throughout the whole duration of your customers stay in your business.

Customized coasters except of giving an extra touch to the company's profile, are also very practical because they keep dry the surface where the glass or cup stands, giving an extra sense of cleanliness.

In our company, the printing of coasters is one of our main activities, so we can give you the opportunity to choose the one which best suits to you and your company's needs, through a variety of types and designs and print on them everything you wish, always in collaboration with our highly qualified creative department.

           Reliability - Consistency - Professionalism ... Perfect advertising !!!


  • Custom beer coasters|Personalized beer coasters|Custom bar coasters|Cardboard
  • Personalized foam coasters|Custom printed coasters|Logo coasters|Pvc

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