PERFECT advertising agency was established in 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece in order to become a different business proposition in the field of marketing, advertising, promotion and communication, covering the shortcomings that exist among advertising companies.

               PERFECT is a B2B advertising agency, in particular for small and medium companies, where the gap in the area of marketing is quite large, our advertising agency has adapted services and products, offering economic promotional solutions specifically for them.

               Having highly trained staff, with years of experience in advertising companies, watching carefully all developments in ways of displaying modern business world, utilizing all the new technological methods and having as our supplies the knowledge, creativity and aesthetics we are able to offer our customers high-quality advertising products and services.

               The reason we are a valuable B2B advertising agency is because through continuous observation and study of economic developments worldwide, but also through our long-term partnerships with all kinds of businesses related to advertising companies, give us the maximum flexibility in being able to offer our customers products and marketing services at very competitive prices, with no discounts on high quality, consistency and efficiency.

               PERFECT advertising agency is distinguished for passion in quality and attention to detail trying to create partnerships worthy of the requirements of each company, always providing a solution that exceeds expectations..!!

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Address Proektasi
      Olympiados str.
      P.O.Box: 1603
      56224 - Evosmos
Phone (+30) 2310 588.500
Fax (+30) 2310 588.501